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Great sport, even better beer.



Craft beer for the people is all about bringing people together over good beer. And now, we’re also getting behind something else which bring people together, incredible sport.
Fanzones are areas in our bars where sports lovers can come together, kick back with an awesome craft beer and enjoy the match in an incredible atmosphere.
Catch Wimbledon and the UEFA EUROs 2020 which are going ahead in 2021!

EUROS 2021

We’re pumped that the UEFA EUROs are going ahead this summer and you can catch the beautiful game in one of the best places, with incredible beer and mouth-watering food.
If like us, you don’t want to miss a second of the match, why not treat yourself to a mini-keg for your table to avoid having to get up for more drinks.
Bookings of 4 or more can pre-order a minikeg, which holds 10 pints, when they pre-book table with us.
So pick a team, get a date in the diary and book your table to watch the EUROs 2020!


18th JUNE 2021

We’ll be cheering on both the England and Scotland football teams when they go head to head on 18th June. But what is sport without a bit of competition? So, we thought we’d host a contest of our own, in the form of a beer showcase of course!
All UK bars will be holding a showcase of our top picks of craft beer from both England and Scotland on 18th June. Pop into a Fanzone bar to watch the match and drink along with your chosen team.
Or, visit any of our other UK bars to taste the beers and let us know which country should be crowned the champion.

Key dates for the EUROs 2020

Friday 12th June Turkey vs. Italy (Rome), 9pm

Saturday 13th June Wales vs. Switzerland (Baku), 3pm

Saturday 13th June Denmark vs. Finland (Copenhagen), 6pm

Saturday 13th June Belgium vs. Russia (St. Petersburg), 9pm

Sunday 14th June England vs. Croatia (London), 3pm

Sunday 14th June Austria vs. Play-off winner D or A (Bucharest), 6pm

Sunday 14th June Netherlands vs. Ukraine (Amsterdam), 9pm

Monday 15th June Play-off winner C vs. Czech Republic (Glasgow), 3pm

Monday 15th June Poland vs. Play-off winner B (Dublin), 6pm

Monday 15th June Spain vs. Sweden (Bilbao), 9pm

Tuesday 16th June Play-off winner A or D vs. Portugal (Budapest), 6pm

Tuesday 16th June France vs. Germany (Munich), 9pm

Wednesday 17th June Finland vs. Russia (St. Petersburg), 3pm

Wednesday 17th June Turkey vs. Wales (Baku), 6pm

Wednesday 17th June Italy vs. Switzerland (Rome), 9pm

Thursday 18th June Ukraine vs. Play-off winner D or A (Bucharest), 1pm

Thursday 18th June Denmark vs. Belgium (Copenhagen), 6pm

Thursday 18th June Netherlands vs. Austria (Amsterdam), 9pm

Friday 19th June Sweden vs. Play-off winner B (Dublin), 3pm

Friday 19th June Croatia vs. Czech Republic (Glasgow), 6pm

Friday 19th June England vs. Play-off winner C (London), 9pm

Saturday 20th June Play-off winner A or D vs. France (Budapest), 3pm

Saturday 20th June Portugal vs. Germany (Munich), 6pm

Saturday 20th June Spain vs. Poland (Bilbao), 9pm

Sunday 21st June Italy vs. Wales (Rome), 6pm

Sunday 21st June Switzerland vs. Turkey (Baku), 6pm

Monday 22nd June Play-off winner D or A vs. Netherlands (Amsterdam), 6pm

Monday 22nd June Ukraine vs. Austria (Bucharest), 6pm

Monday 22nd June Russia vs. Denmark (Copenhagen), 9pm

Monday 22nd June Finland vs. Belgium (St. Petersburg), 9pm

Tuesday 23rd June Czech Republic vs. England (London), 9pm

Tuesday 23rd June Croatia vs. Play-off winner C (Glasgow), 9pm

Wednesday 24th June Play-off winner B vs. Spain (Bilbao), 6pm

Wednesday 24th June Sweden vs. Poland (Dublin), 6pm

Wednesday 24th June Germany vs. Play-off winner A or D (Munich), 9pm

Wednesday 24th June Portugal vs. France (Budapest), 9pm


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