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Run with the pack

Bar Partnerships

Bar Partnerships

In the UK and parts of Europe, we run BrewDog Bars ourselves – but in other European markets and further afield we look to awesome franchise partners to take on and run bars in partnership with us. These are members of our Dog Pack. And like any pack, we are stronger when all pulling together.

We are looking for difference-makers to join with us and operate the next BrewDog Bar that people come to regard as their second home. If you’d turn away from the norm and look to serve nothing less than the greatest beers on planet Earth, then we want to hear from you.

Potential Partners

Here's our hit-list of potential partners

Those who are existing multi-site hospitality or retail operators:

Existing franchise owners,

bar owners looking to convert to a BrewDog Bar,

bar operators with the perfect site and experience to run a BrewDog Bar.

The first step to joining us is completing the application form below and then submitting to [email protected]

More questions? Drop a note to [email protected]


1 Fill your box with your favourite brews.

Our largest delivery boxes have 24 slots, and can fit up to:

Can 48 x Cans
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Bottle 24 x Bottles
(Any size)

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Fill at least 23 out of 24 slots and you'll get free delivery.

Once you've hit one full box, that's free delivery on your entire order!

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