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This Is London Cider

Alc Vol. 8.0%
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No filtration, no back sweetening and minimal preservatives.

This apple-wine cider has the sharpness of a Londoner navigating the Monday rush hour, with the enriching aroma of an early morning East End fruit market. This is pure London cider, grown, picked, pressed, fermented and bottled in Hawkes' Bermondsey cidery.

Hawkes started up in 2013, and have launched multiple drives to collect unloved London apples, giving them a new life as Urban Orchard cider. This year, Hawkes wanted to do something a little different, and produced This Is London Cider. All profits will be donated to Social Orchards, an Urban Planting organisation focused on bringing community accesible fruit trees to deprived areas.

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The Brew Sheet


Alcohol by Volume (a measure of booziness created by the yeast)


Beer styles are the categorisation of beer into easily distinguishable types. When doing this we look at history, colour, carbonation, bitterness, ingredients, mouthfeel… the list goes on


We'd typically use a lightly kilned Base Malt in a beer recipe, then add Speciality malts (sometimes darker, more complex, different flavours) in small quantities to change the overall taste and colour of the beer.


Hops are used in loads of ways, and they can give different characteristics to beer such as Aroma and Bitterness– this is why they rock!


Apples. Contains sulphites to keep product fresh. Suitable for Vegans and Coeliacs.

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